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Winter 2023 Video Update

As I considered retiring from ministry, I knew that I had to keep myself busy. I love that the Lord landed me back at my house in Perry County, PA where I was familiar with the land. It allowed me to stay active, while enjoying God’s creation, and doing things I enjoy.

I wanted to take some time to make some videos to update many of you, mostly from Maryland, on what I have been doing over the past few months. I hope that you enjoy them and not find them too weird.

After you watch that “Winter 23 Update” and if you are still interested then you can watch a shorter update on the previous video to see how the syrup turned out.

Please continue to pray for me and my family

If you still feel led to pray for me then you can pray for the following:

  • I continue to have positive scans that are actually showing some shrinking in the last several scans. While I remain not a candidate for any type of surgery, I still remain hopeful for stretched out time of blessings with my family and friends. Please pray that the Lord prolongs my life for His glory and for the opportunity to continue to make memories with my family.
  • Pray that the Lord allows me to be a blessing first and foremost to my family, next to my friends, and then to both of my churches (The PA and MD congregations). I especially ask for prayer for a men’s bible study that I am co-leading at the PA congregation. We are blessed with an average of 50 men in attendance each time we meet and our times are rich in fellowship and teaching.
  • Finally pray for me as there are some projects that I want to complete before my passing for my children. Pray that I dedicate time for these projects and that I do not get too distracted with Ice Towers and sugary syrups 🙂

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