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Winter 2023 Video Update

As I considered retiring from ministry, I knew that I had to keep myself busy. I love that the Lord landed me back at my house in Perry County, PA where I was familiar with the land. It allowed me to stay active, while enjoying God’s creation, and doing things I enjoy. I wanted to […]

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How this card left a mark on my 2022!

After recovering from my failed liver transplant in the fall of 2021 and realizing that my prognosis was possibly much shorter than what I hoped, I had to decide  what to do with 2022. Not knowing what 2022 would look like entirely and whether  I would be here at the end allowed me to focus […]

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Joy amidst sorrow for that is the point of Christmas

I will make this quick on this Christmas day!   When walking through sorrow and affliction, whatever the situation may be, we often find ourselves thinking like Job, who curses the day he was born and wishes for gloom and deep darkness to claim it (Job 3:3-10).   Oh, how often I slip into this perspective, oh, […]

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Contentment ~ April 2022 Update

It has been a while since I last updated everyone on my health and my plans. I am very thankful as my cancer continues to be stable (not growing or shrinking), however, my energy and strength continues to be greatly impacted by the cancer and the chemotherapy. As a result, I have made the difficult […]

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Memories of Mom

Today is the 7th anniversary of my mother’s passing.  That night is permanently imprinted on my mind and memory.  Perhaps that is why when I woke up early this morning at 4:30am, wide awake, and thinking it was the exact hour of her passing, that I came downstairs and therapeutically began to write about her.  You may not find […]

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