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Health Update #5

I wanted to provide a quick update as I would appreciate prayers for my health at this time. Over the past two weeks, my body tolerated well my 3rd and 4th dose of chemo. This week was an off week and we had planned a week at the beach for rest and relaxation. Over the weekend, I started to experience some swelling and minor discomfort in my neck and my oncologist wanted me to have it checked to rule out a clot. So early On Labor Day I drove to Hopkins for what I thought would be a quick in and out.
As a result of a CT scan they found a large clot around my port that is accessed for chemotherapy. They decided to keep me for monitoring and begin me on blood thinners. Currently, my platelet numbers are low which is not good while being on blood thinners so they have given me a platelet transfusion both yesterday and today. No word on when I can go home, they are waiting for my platelet numbers to get higher. Hoping for tomorrow.

If you feel inclined to pray for me, please pray for:

  • My platelet levels to increase.
  • The clot to reabsorb into the body and not cause any more issues.
  • That I can continue and finish the chemotherapy (next dose is planned for Monday) and for the tumor to shrink.

  • Continue to pray for Shree, and the boys as they deal with the ramifications of the cancer (which includes not going to the beach).

Thank you for praying, supporting, and caring for me and my family during this difficult time. I am writing this from my phone (sorry for any errors) and will hope to share more about my spiritual and emotional journey here soon.

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