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My Journey of Suffering

What is your Soundtrack? Health Update #7

When I was young, I remember putting a towel around my neck like a cape and running through the house like a superhero.  No, I wasn’t acting like Superman, but rather a lesser known, and clumsy character from a TV show called, “The Greatest American Hero”.  I did not care so much for the tv show or even […]

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Health Update #6 ~ The value of Hope.

The Value of Hope I must admit that the last several months have been a difficult time for me. On Labor Day, I had a blood clot that lodged in my neck at the location of my port, and the side effects from the chemo have been stronger than I expected. In addition, my last […]

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The significance of a GPS locator and my Health Update #4

Today is a chemo day.  Each chemo day starts the same with one of my friends from church picking me up to drive me to and from chemo.  Have I mentioned before just how awesome and caring my church is?   My chemo is located at the Skip Virage outpatient cancer building in Baltimore, which is also part of […]

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Health Update #3

Thank you to all for your prayers, cards, texts, calls, gifts, and ways you have served my family over the past several weeks, my family is truly blessed! I had my first chemo treatment at John Hopkins on Friday, July 24th.  It was a full day of bloodwork, orientation to chemo treatments, and the infusion.  It was […]

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